Singing Lessons

Your voice is a musical instrument! Just like with any other instrument, the more you use it and the more you understand about it, the better it will get. Singing lessons can really help with this.

I work with people with different levels of ability to help you explore your natural voice and become more confident and expressive in using it.

Why one-to-one singing lessons?

  • You might not have much singing experience
  • You might want to learn more about how your voice works and what it is capable of
  • You might want to join a choir but not quite be confident enough to (yet!)
  • You might want to brush up on a song for a performance
  • You might already sing on your own or with others, and want to develop your skills

What will we do in a singing lesson?

This will be tailored according to what you want to work on, but we’ll start off with a physical/vocal warm up and then look at different exercises and techniques to develop breathing, pitching and tone.

We’ll then look at applying these techniques to a song/songs of your choice.

Cost: £37.50 for 1 hour/ £100 for a block of 3 lessons.

I recommend that students book one session initially to see if we’re compatible, and then after that you can sign up for a block of lessons and we can take it from there.

To arrange an introductory lesson, get in touch

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