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Love to sing? Want to sing? Come and join us at my Streatham choir, Sing Out Streatham!

Sing Out Streatham Christmas performance December 2023


Summer term starts on Thursday 18th April. 

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Sing Out Streatham is a fun and friendly community choir based in Streatham and led by Xenia Davis.

We meet on Thursday evenings from 7.30-9pm at:

St Leonard’s Church Hall, 8 Tooting Bec Gardens, SW16 1RB.

We sing beautiful a cappella songs from around the world, folk, gospel and pop in 3 and 4 part harmony, and all songs are taught by ear.

Sing Out Streatham started in January 2013 and we’ve grown to around 50 members.

Everyone is welcome to come and sing with us, whether your singing is limited to the shower or you belt out ballads on the London Overground. There is no need to read music, and you don’t need to audition. New singers are welcome to join at any point in the term.

We sing together, and then usually always head down the hill for a drink/bite to eat/cup of tea at SW16 on Streatham High Road.

 “I came along to Sing Out Streatham tonight with my friend Julia & just wanted to say what a wonderful session it was! That was my first group singing thing since school & that was some time ago – will definitely come again!”


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Want to find out more about Sing Out Streatham? Here are some handy FAQs


When do you meet?

Thursday evenings during term time, from 7.30 – 9pm.


Where do you meet?

We meet at St Leonard’s Church Hall, Tooting Bec Gardens, SW16 1RB. Here is a map.


How much does it cost?

The first time you come, you can book yourself on to a free taster session here.  After that, you can then either pay for a term upfront, or buy a block of drop in sessions.
Term rates (pro-rata if you join part way through a term):
Example for a 10 week term
  • Full price: £85 (ie £8.50 a week)
  • Concession: £65 (ie £6.50 a week)
  • Full price plus £105 (ie £10.50 a week)
Paying for the full term entitles you to attend sessions at any (or all) of my evening choirs – Peckham Rye Sings on Mondays, Catford Sings, and Sing Out Streatham on Thursdays. Technically you could sing with me 3 times a week!
Drop-in rates:
Block of 3 drop in sessions: £35. These can be used at any point during the current term, and at any of my evening choirs, but not carried over into the following term.


A note on rates:
  • Full price: This is the standard rate.
  • Concession rate: This is for anyone who feels like they best fit into this category. I don’t need you to show me proof of low income or unemployment or anything like that – if it feels for you that this is the rate you need to pay, I trust your judgment.If you normally pay the standard rate and then for whatever reason you’re in a phase where you need to pay the lower rate for a bit, that’s fine, do what feels right for you. Again, I trust your judgment.

If the concession rate feels out of range and you wouldn’t be able to come otherwise, I’d rather you just come, and pay what you can, or don’t pay at all. When finances are difficult, that can be really stressful, and singing is really good for stress!

  • Full price plus: This is for anyone who feels like they’re able to pay a little above the standard rate. The extra goes towards supporting lower rates for those who wouldn’t be able to come along otherwise – it means that collectively as a group we can absorb this.



I really want to come but I don’t know if I can commit to every week. Is that ok? 

Come along every week, or just come a few times a term. There’s the option to either pay for a term up-front, or buy a bundle of drop-in sessions. We have learning tracks of all the songs we’re singing in a given term, so you can listen at home and catch up on what you’ve missed.


I’ve missed the start of term. Is it too late to join?

No! Up to the last couple of weeks of term, we’re always learning at least one new song, or part of a song, each week. This is intentional, so that people can join us at any point in the year. We’ve had singers join us 2 weeks before a performance before, and take part in the performance, just singing the song or songs they feel confident with.


Does Sing Out Streatham perform?

Yes we do. We usually do 1-2 performances per term. We’ve sung at the Southbank Centre, Lambeth Country Show, the British Home, at local community fairs, Sing For Water, and we’ve flash mobbed Brixton Village and the Tate Modern.  Performing is totally optional though, it’s fun, but not everyone’s cup of tea, so if you’re not into performing, that’s totally fine.


What kind of music do you sing?

Here are some recordings of our favourite songs.



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